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TRU47 Harnesses the Benefits of Silver

Sharon Whiteley, founder

Sharon Whiteley, founder

TRU47 is an innovative wellness company created in response to the desires and needs of today’s health conscious, curious and discerning audiences. Every TRU47 product harnesses the benefits and power of silver, considered a “noble element”. Silver has been scientifically reported to inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact, and supports one’s immune system, among other benefits. Becoming ever more important today is the fact that silver is a protective and shielding element from compromising radiation resulting from EMFs/RFs.
Three distinct collections have been developed at TRU47 over the last seven years. They include: sanitizing and grounding accessories, made with pure silver fabrics; a line of face, body and home goods, all made with pure organic botanicals and colloidal silver (including a line of silver imbued 100 percent pure organic essential oils); and an expanding line of textiles, called Wellness Wear. Garments feature functional and fashionable protective apparel—including scarves, hats and ponchos, all for year-round wear.
Sharon Whiteley, founder, is a serial entrepreneur, innovative consumer product manufacturer, author and speaker with a passion for recognizing emerging wellness trends and bringing them to market to enhance people’s lives. The company’s entire silver-based product line is featured direct to consumers on their website. Wholesale accounts are also welcomed.

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