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MetamorphosisNow, Holistically Restoring Wellness and Wholeness

Trish Devitt

Trish Devitt

Trish Devitt has evolved her 20-plus years of experience with frequency wellness, coaching and energy work to create MetamorphosisNow, a comprehensive service for clients who are ready for that “something more” in their lives. Her clients return to wholeness—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Break Free Transformational Coaching reveals and releases hidden blocks and unconscious patterns that keep clients stuck. These methods enhance and accelerate results that often take months or years to resolve.
Old dramas and traumas prevent us from living the life we desire. Using Emotional Clearing/Trauma Release, Devitt helps clients release old patterns and neutralize the charge of traumas. Clients feel lighter and unshackled from burdens of the past, without re-living or re-telling their stories.
Aura analysis with chakra balancing scans your energetic field and identifies negative energies lodged in your aura. Using advanced frequency technology, blocks are cleared and imbalances are harmonized.
Advanced Frequency Technology with microcurrent restores balance in the bioenergetic field and the cellular level. This holistic approach helps clients return to wellness in all
aspects of their lives.
With Devitt’s spiritual growth workshops and group coaching, clients explore and engage their inner lives to improve their outer lives, in a supportive, interactive environment. Services are available in person and remote.

Location: L Spa, 7620 N Hartman Ln, Marana. For more information, call 520-261-5194 or visit

Trish Devitt

Transformational Coaching & Advanced Frequency Wellness

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