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The Gift of Silver

The Gift of Silver is a book about Earth’s noble elements and healing gems and the life-giving treasures found on its surface. The Earth is our rock when it comes to our health, giving off nourishing electrons to keep our bodies in balance and in step with natural disease-fighting stamina, while harboring minerals and honoring plants that protect us from bodily harm.
The shining star of this book is silver. A symbol of wealth and health for millennia, silver is the stuff of legends and lore, with mythical powers and medicinal prowess that defies its position as the second fiddle to gold in terms of price and prestige. In this easy read, you will discover what fans have known for more than 4,000 years BC, as we continue to celebrate silver for its beauty, healing powers, good fortune and ability to ward off evil spirits.
The story of silver began when it was first mined from the Earth in Turkey and Greece, where it was molded, coined and traded as currency. Its journey as a metal of distinction continued in the medical studies of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, and for decades to follow. It made its way into the coffers and tables of blue bloods and aristocrats in Europe and the new world, keeping them safe from tainted water and food. It surfaces in battlefields and hospitals in the 1800s, where surgeons used silver to fend off infectious invaders. It emerged throughout time as nature’s precious anti-microbial healing hero, renowned for its ability to fend off bacterial foes and defend the body from illnesses—and, in those days, mythical creatures, too.
Good health comes down to Earth in this book, offering you time-tested remedies—and priceless nuggets of wisdom—that will enhance your well-being. Author Sharon Whiteley is a serial entrepreneur, innovative consumer product manufacturer, speaker and the founder of TRU47, which has an entire silver-based product line.

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