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How Dental Insurance Can Help You Save Money and Protect Your Health

Are you tired of worrying about unexpected dental expenses and the high cost of dental care? Do you wish you had a solution that could give you peace of mind and help you maintain your oral health?
As you may know, maintaining good dental hygiene is essential for more than just a bright and healthy smile. Poor hygiene can lead to various health risks and complications, including gum disease, cardiovascular disease, respiratory infections, diabetes and even dementia.
Unfortunately, delaying treatment can lead to more severe oral health problems down the line, which could require even costlier treatments. That’s why having dental insurance is so important.
With dental insurance, you can prioritize your oral health, save money on routine and emergency dental care and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you’re covered in case of unexpected dental issues. Not to mention, preventing some of the above health issues before they happen.
Don’t delay—book an appointment to double check your current plan or for information on adding dental insurance to your health portfolio.

Holly Baker is a Life Solutions Advisors Retirement Specialist specializing in the concerns of our young seniors heading into retirement. Areas of focus include medical expense planning, retirement income strategies, legacy and estate preservation and health solutions. For complimentary cost and coverage review, call 520-760-2378 or email [email protected]. See ads, pages 16 and 21.

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Life Solutions Advisors - PO Box 69820, Oro Valley, AZ

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