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Get Ready to Soar with The Flight Project

Deb Beroset

Deb Beroset

Do you know in your heart there’s a bigger, more soul-guided life calling to you? That there’s a version of you that has yet to be unleashed? It’s your time to fly. Join The Flight Project, a six-month Moxie intensive. Moxie’s founder, Deb Beroset, is offering a one-time-only opportunity to move through an elevated version of the entire series within six months—in a powerfully supportive cohort of women ready to soar together.
For years, Moxie has offered three signature programs that together provide a path for women looking to start living. Hundreds of women participating in those programs have begun listening to their hearts, taking risks worth taking and stepping into being the person they have always wanted to be.
This program is attracting women who are no strangers to self-awareness—though there is no prerequisite to participate in The Flight Project other than commitment, desire and a willingness to be part of a supportive female tribe up to big things. The journey progresses from being unapologetic to unabashed to unleashed.
Sign up now and dive into the self-study first phase, doing the exercises along with the videos. The live portion kicks in for participants on May 24. Register now so you have time to get all the goodness out of the self-study before the group comes together and things really take off. Sliding scale tuition is available.

For more information and to join, email [email protected] or visit

Moxie with Deb Beroset  CLUB MOXIE - NA Marietta GA

Moxie with Deb Beroset + CLUB MOXIE

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