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Natural Awakenings Tucson

June 2023 Letter From Publisher

Holly Baker

Holly Baker

In celebration of this month’s theme of Men’s Health & Wellness, Natural Awakenings and KnoWEwell are presenting an online series called The Healthy Man, every Tuesday in June, which will feature speakers on a variety of subjects related to men’s health and more. See page 8 for more information.

Our cover star, Dr. Mark Hyman, talked to Natural Awakenings about living healthy through every age and stage of life. He shares some information and tips to help us stay “Young Forever”, as his book is titled, on page 24.

In “Conscious Fatherhood”, on page 28, learn about creating core family values, practicing balance and tailoring discipline style to each individual child. These core parenting ideas can be helpful for anyone—not just dads!
This month’s Community Spotlight (page 20) focuses on Jessica Korff’s unique portrait photography career, her process and some stunning examples of how she captures each individual so well with her lens. You may see a familiar face or two within the beautiful photos captured by Jessica—including yours truly! In fact, the portrait to the left here was also taken by her.
Other topics we’re covering this month include dental health tips and facts related to men, sexual vitality, how metabolism really works, finding fulfillment in retirement, water harvesting in the desert and more.