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Integrative Pediatrician Accepting New Patients

Ana Tanase

Ana Tanase

Ana Tanase, MD, an Integrative Pediatrician at TMCOne in Oro Valley, offers integrative medicine consults and holistic primary care for interested families in the Tucson area. With 15 years of experience in pediatric practice, training in integrative medicine, integrative psychiatry, functional medicine and homeopathy, she blends conventional and integrative modalities to meet patients where they are.
Do you wish your kids were healthier and had better habits but don’t know where to start? Tanase is offering lifestyle coaching, nutrition optimization, functional medicine testing, personalized supplement recommendations or referral to other holistic practitioners, if needed.
Considered to be thorough and compassionate, Tanase knows that health is more about what you do than what you take. She recently received training in mind-body medicine and is planning to incorporate it in regular visits and organize mind-body skills group training in the near future.
Tanase’s conventional medical knowledge gives her the ability to recognize serious conditions and use the conventional system if that is the best option for the child, but her integrative training gives her the ability to look for the root cause, to offer more options in areas where conventional medicine is limited like mental health issues, developmental problems and functional medical problems.
Tanase is accepting new patients from newborn to 18 years old. Schedule appointments online at

For more information, call 520-420-2110, email [email protected] or visit
Location: TMCOne La Canada Office, 10390 N La Canada Dr, Ste 110, Oro Valley.

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TMCOne La Canada Office - 10390 N La Caada Dr Ste 110, Tucson, AZ

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