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August 2023 Letter From Publisher

Jul 31, 2023 09:03AM ● By Holly Baker
Holly Baker

Holly Baker

August is so often associated with going “back to school”, but what if we never left school?
This month, our theme is “Lifelong Learning”. When was the last time you learned something new? It is proven to be beneficial for our brains and bodies to keep learning new things throughout life. Check out page 18 to give yourself new motivation to get outside your comfort zone, gain a new skill, meet new people and grow your brain.
Along this theme, our Inspiration article on page 14 recounts Deb Beroset’s recent experience of the “First Day of School” feeling in her 60s. She shares all the excitement and the nerves of a fresh start in a new place—the gym. While there may be things that make us feel out of sorts and unsure of ourselves when we start a new endeavor, there are ways to push through it and face the uncertainty head-on.
With the kids in our lives going back to school, our Healthy Kids article is talking about protecting them from microwave radiation that is present in schools using wireless services. While our access to technology and the internet can greatly improve our ability to teach and to learn, we may not have all the facts on the safety of going wireless in the learning environment. Read more on page 22.
This edition also includes tips on reducing indoor air pollution, learning healing lessons from nature, local chef phenom Alejandre Richards and more.
Join us by pledging to learn something new this season. Is it an instrument? A language? How to make something with your hands? The rewards of learning and doing new things yourself are truly endless.

You’ve got this!