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Natural Awakenings Tucson

The Journey: Knowing Your Essential Self

Kim Lincoln

Kim Lincoln

Kim Lincoln, author, spiritual teacher and founder of the Terrain of Essence teachings, is new to Tucson after having relocated from Olympia, Washington. Her life’s passion is helping students to know true connection and safety of belonging through the pure unconditional love of their soul’s essence.
This fall, Lincoln is offering The Journey course, which runs for 10 months from October 14 to July 13, on the 2nd Saturday of each month, from 11am to 2pm. (Note that the first meeting is from 1 to 4pm in October only). The Journey course is the epic journey that spans the growth of a soul from the human condition of suffering to the freedom of directly knowing one’s true self.
Participants will have free access to online worksheets and lessons, plus monthly in-person experiential gatherings to support embodiment practices, process work, insight realization and how to perceive the loving wisdom and inner guidance of their soul.
    Lincoln offers workshops, classes and personal guidance to explore the deeper meaning of life, to know one’s purpose and develop the courage to live authentically through somatic inquiry, spiritual psychology, trauma resourcing and the essential loving truth of the soul.

Cost: $85-$150 per month. Location: Caritas Center for Healing, 330 E 16th St, Tucson. For more information and to register, email [email protected] or visit