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Natural Awakenings Tucson

September 2023 Letter From Publisher

Aug 31, 2023 09:00AM ● By Holly Baker
Holly Baker

Holly Baker

What was the primary reason for your last travel experience? Was it for a vacation? To visit family? For work? It seems we take far less time off than we should, and when we do, it is often stressful and jam-packed—with little to no time to really experience being out of our norm.
This month, we’re looking at the subject of Wellness Travel. That is, traveling with a self-care purpose. This could be spiritual, mental, physical or otherwise. Our main article on page 20 highlights nine destinations across the world that would make for great pilgrimages on the path to spiritual enlightenment—including nearby Sedona!
Another local shout-out this month comes in the article “Understanding Light Pollution”. The nonprofit International Dark-Sky Association is based in Tucson, with a grassroots network throughout the world. They are responsible for issuing certification to places like Montana’s Medicine Rock State Park as an International Dark Sky Sanctuary. Learn more about light pollution and how to help keep artificial light to a minimum on page 26.
Of course, we’re also highlighting some upcoming local events starting on page 8, and even more in the Calendar on page 28.
Take a wellness trip the next chance you get—whether for a day, a weekend or longer—and let us know how it changes you.