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October 2023 Letter From Publisher

Sep 30, 2023 11:03AM ● By Holly Baker
Holly Baker

Holly Baker

In the theme of Traditional World Medicine, this month we look at “lost” healing practices and ancient peoples with newfound respect.
Our feature article, “Traditional World Healing Wisdom”, covers some ancient healing practices that may be coming back into popularity—particularly in the U.S., where we have often veered away from this tried and true wisdom in favor of antibiotics and pharmaceuticals. Learn more about herbalism, energy healing and Traditional Chinese Medicine on page 18.
Because we’d never want to leave out our precious pets, you can also read about Traditional Chinese Medicine from a veterinary perspective on page 22.
October 9 is Indigenous Peoples’ Day, a day that was only proclaimed an official U.S. holiday in 2021.This day gives us the chance to celebrate and recognize the contributions and history of Indigenous peoples—all 476 million of them worldwide. Visit to view an interactive map and learn the history of local lands inhabited by Indigenous peoples. For more information and ideas for celebrating, check out page 27.
The fall season is a wonderful time to take note of the changes occurring in nature around us, and to mimic those changes in our wellness journeys. In “October’s Path to Holistic Renewal” on page 16, explore the ways in which qigong, tai chi and reiki can be practiced to align with nature’s rhythm.
October is also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is a great opportunity to learn more about Medical Thermography as a tool for detecting early signs of abnormalities in the body. Read more on page 13.

To ancient wisdom,