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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Intuitive Astrology with Candace Meils

Candace Meils

Candace Meils

Now offering her services in the Tucson community, Candace Meils brings to the realm of intuitive astrology the presence of a soul messenger. She offers readings that inspire connections to your symbols and deep interpretations of your soul’s desires.
Meils sees astrology as both art and science. And, allowing both the art and the science to do their interpretive alchemy with your symbols. She sees her knowledge of astrology as a way to fulfill her calling as a soul whisperer. Her interest in astrology was sparked as a young adult when she was exploring the hopeful and secret world of magic and imagination.
In a session with Meils, you will explore your soul’s message, allowing the magic to unfold for your story. Meils will bring guidance specific to your adventure in designing the life of your dreams. She offers a 15-minute introductory call to connect with her and learn more.

For more information, call 509-833-1714 or email [email protected].