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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Relaxation Video COSMIC FIRE Warms the Soul

COSMIC FIRE, an award-winning relaxation video, will warm your soul with a visual and musical journey into fire. The meditative experience in the aesthetics of fire was filmed in slow-motion with neither narration nor people, enhanced by a blend of traditional melodies, chant and
exotic musical flavors from the Indian subcontinent and beyond.
COSMIC FIRE features music by world recording artists Craig Pruess and Gary Stroutsos. View a trailer for the video at The video is not available on any streaming platform, but a DVD is available for purchase for $19.95, which includes a time-coded listening guide to the musical instruments and composers featured in the video.
The video was filmed and produced by Thomas Wiewandt, Tucson creator of the popular film DESERT DREAMS: Celebrating Five Seasons in the Sonoran Desert, now in its eighth year as a fundraising program on PBS. Order the DVD directly from the filmmaker’s website for bundled discounts at The DVD ships from Tucson.

For more information, call 520-743-4551, email
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