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Deepak Chopra on the Quantum Body and Achieving Peace

Nov 28, 2023 04:30AM ● By Kimberly Whittle
Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra M.D.

Deepak Chopra, M.D., is a pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine and one of the most inspiring philosophers of our time. He is the founder of The Chopra Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to research on well-being and humanitarianism, and Chopra Global, a health company at the intersection of science and spirituality. Chopra also is a clinical professor of family medicine and public health at the University of California San Diego and serves as a senior scientist with Gallup Organization. He has authored more than 90 books translated into more than 43 languages, including numerous bestsellers. Chopra collaborated with Jack Tuszynski, Ph.D., a physicist, and Brian Fertig, M.D., an endocrinologist, on his latest book, Quantum Body: The New Science of Living a Longer, Healthier, More Vital Life.

What inspired you to write this book? 

It is a celebration of the most surprising turn in my life. When I was practicing medicine at an exhaustive, hectic pace more than 30 years ago, I started meditating and had a life-changing breakthrough vision of a human body shimmering as a visual image—the quantum mechanical body. I became a writer, and my book, Quantum Healing, gave me my first boost. But at the time, the topic of meditation was considered fringe. Thirty-seven years later, the fringe has moved to the center, and new studies are overturning long-held mainstream medical beliefs. Hence, the time seemed right to take a second bite of the apple.

What do you mean by the quantum body?

Any physical body is an activity in consciousness. You experience your body through the five senses. Physical reality is experienced in the field of awareness that is outside of our body, and the field of awareness inside our body is called the interoceptive awareness. Meditation helps us transcend our physical and mental body and is the spirit of consciousness. Pure consciousness is the source of mind-body and the universe. The causal body is the source of every experience we have; it is your soul and the same thing as your quantum body. Quantum body exists to bring about all the healing needed at every level.

How can we modulate our epigenetic activity and restore homeostasis to reduce stress and inflammation?

Mind and body are inseparably one. Increase your sensitivity to interoception and the whole of your inner and outer being will be affected. You can do this through meditation, practicing vagal breathing, doing yoga and improving your sedentary lifestyle. The greatest gift of self-awareness is to live with love, truth, beauty and bliss as your goal. Ultimate well-being requires no less.

Why is the quantum model for well-being important, and how do you plan to reach a critical mass of participants?

Today, everyone is taking sides and is in conflict because they don’t agree with the perspective of others. As long as you engage in recycling trauma, the trauma leads to inflammation and disease in the body and in mental disorders. We have an inflamed world and will never solve this problem by any one side becoming the victor, because the intergenerational trauma will last for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

This is the history of humanity since we were hunters and gatherers. Now the same tribal mindset spells extinction. We are sleepwalking to extinction unless we wake up. There is no hope for climate change, social and economic justice, racism, prejudice, health or joy. We need to cool down the world’s inflammation by starting with ourselves and creating an ecosystem where we can bring peace to our own families, social environment, ecosystem of relationships and communities; then we can reach a critical mass. A lot of people do agree that consciousness is a field and that we can aspire to a more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthier and joyful world.

The Chopra Foundation has launched two programs. The Certification in the Soul of Leadership is about how you become a spiritual leader, which I have taught at Kellogg [School of Management at Northwestern University] and Columbia [University] and given talks about at Harvard [University]. We received a grant to offer it free of charge. The other certification, Becoming a Peace as the Way Facilitator, is only $9.99. If you can’t afford it, we give it for free. If you focus on these two things and get the critical mass of people out there, the change we want to see in the world will happen.

That you exist should be a perpetual surprise, and you should be full of gratitude for existence itself. That is the most holy and sacred experience that we can have. What I am grateful for is that I exist.

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Kimberly Whittle is the founder and CEO of KnoWEwell, P.B.C. and the CEO of Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation.