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Understand Your Unique Physiology with Metabolic Testing

Sabine Harrington

Sabine Harrington

At Sonoran Wellness Solutions, Sabine Harrington, an experienced Clinical Exercise Physiologist, health educator and native of Tucson, assesses clients’ metabolic, cardiorespiratory and muscular health.

Harrington says that breath analysis metabolic testing provides the gold standard for measuring metabolic rate. By measuring the gases in expired breath, the proportion of fat to carbohydrate burned and overall metabolic rate can be derived. “Metabolic testing provides an essential piece to understanding your own unique physiology. Whether your goals are weight loss, weight gain, energy optimization, longevity or elite athletic performance, breath analysis testing is a must to reaching your goals,” she says.

Resting metabolic testing provides insight into a person’s ability to burn fat, a hallmark of cellular health. Active metabolic (VO2 max) testing reveals a person’s cardiorespiratory capacity, bio-individual heart rate zones and other important cardiac and respiratory markers. Cardiorespiratory capacity is well understood by both the athletic and medical communities as one of the most important metrics for performance, lifespan and healthspan.

Metabolic testing has only recently become accessible to the general public, and most healthcare providers are not trained to interpret it. Harrington empowers her clients with fast, safe, noninvasive and clinical-level data about their cellular and metabolic health. This data is a fantastic complement to bloodwork, nutrition assessments and other routine medical diagnostics.

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Sonoran Wellness Solutions - NA Tucson AZ

Sonoran Wellness Solutions - NA, Tucson, AZ

Sabine offers breath analysis metabolic testing, the gold standard for measuring metabolic rate and fat-carbohydrate utilization. Discover your body’s unique needs, during rest or exercis... Read More »