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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Mane and Soul Equine-Assisted Life Coaching and Yoga

Liz Cutting provides a safe space for clients to connect intuitively to their essence through on-the-ground experiences with horses at Mane and Soul. Focused on heart-centered living, she is an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach and RYT 200 certified yoga teacher.

Have you ever stayed quiet even when your body was pulsing with the need to speak because you doubted the importance of what you have to say? Do you sometimes find yourself saying yes just to keep the peace, then feeling resentful when your needs aren’t met? Do you get tense thinking about things you need to deal with later, then find yourself completely disconnected from the moment?

Horses are clear and direct communicators who teach us, nonjudgmentally, how to navigate new paths forward. Their lessons include stepping into power, staying present and finding peaceful boundaries and balance in relationships. They can teach us skills in full-body intelligence, independence, empathy, relaxation and more. Schedule a session with the herd in Mane and Soul’s private sanctuary, and unharness your natural superpowers.

Connect at 520-310-5929, [email protected] or Location: 7725 S Coyote Creek Trail, Tucson.

Mane and Soul Life Coaching and Yoga with Horses - 7725 S Coyote Creek Trail Tucson AZ

Mane and Soul Life Coaching and Yoga with Horses - 7725 S Coyote Creek Trail, Tucson, AZ

Discover the joy and confidence of your body’s heart-centered wisdom through yoga, breathwork and experiences with the horse herd. Read More »