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Animal Lover by Ann Marie Hoff

Ever wanted to know how animals really think and feel? In Animal Lover: One Woman’s Fascinating Journey to Uncover the Spiritual Purpose of Pets, Ann Marie Hoff shares both her intuitive relationships and knowledge about animals, and her own path to being an animal communicator/intuitive medium. The knowledge in this book will help people understand themselves and their pets better, to live life with their pets at a deeper level and comprehend the spiritual reasons pets are in our lives.

The book follows Hoff from growing up on the farm, her close relationships with animals, then how she experienced chronic pain when she was in pharmaceutical sales. Looking for a way out of being on medication, she tried everything and anything to become pain free. What she found was that she is an intuitive medium, an empath and a channel.

The second half of the book covers animal communication more thoroughly, including: the five reasons people contact an animal communicator, specific memorable client stories and answers to questions about grief of losing a pet, if our pets go to heaven and whether or not they reincarnate. Hoff also explores the fact that each pet that comes to us has a spiritual purpose—they do not come into their human’s life randomly.

Hoff’s goal with the book was to both tell her personal journey and share the information she has learned from working with pets and their spirit guides, which will ultimately allow people to have their own personal journey with their pet at this expanded consciousness.

As an intuitive medium, animal communicator and angel/spirit guide channel, Hoff does private sessions on the phone, over Zoom or in person in Tucson. She also presents at small parties—birthday party for your dog, anyone? She teaches classes in working with your angels and guides, animal communication and living your best life. Additionally, Hoff creates art including ceramics; custom paintings of cats, dogs and horses; and makes metaphysical jewelry with gemstones. She currently lives with her four cats, one dog and two horses.

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Ann Marie Hoff - NA, Tucson, AZ

As an Animal Communicator, Ann can help you with behavioral issues with your pet, lost pets, end of life decisions, medical decisions and getting to know your pet better! She can also con... Read More » 


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