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How To Be a Woman with Moxie

Apr 01, 2024 07:00AM ● By Deb Beroset


As women, we’re often taught from a young age to be polite and accommodating and to put the needs of others before our own. While having a giving spirit is admirable, over time this mindset can strip away our confidence, personal power and zest for life. That’s where moxie comes in.

What exactly is moxie? It’s a wonderful vintage word that means having force of character, determination and bold spirit. A woman with moxie is vibrant, expressive and unafraid to stand up for herself and go after what she wants in life.

If you feel you’ve lost touch with your inner moxie over the years, don’t worry. It’s possible to rekindle that fierce feminine fire, no matter your age or circumstances. Here are some key ways to start cultivating a more moxie-filled existence.

Embrace Your Authentic Self
A big part of having moxie is knowing who you are at your core and fully owning it. Give yourself permission to be your true, unvarnished self without apology. Ditch the people-pleasing, playing small or dimming your light to make others comfortable. Enough with that stuff. The world needs your unique gifts, so commit to show up authentically. Be your very own weird and wonderful self.

Set Bold Boundaries
Women with moxie know their worth and have healthy boundaries. They don’t allow themselves to be taken advantage of, manipulated or treated with disrespect. Start getting clear about what you will and won’t accept from others, and courageously enforce those boundaries with conviction. This may mean ending toxic relationships or walking away from situations that compromise your values.

Find Your Voice
A key aspect of moxie is finding and using your voice. Don’t hold back from expressing your beliefs, needs and opinions with confidence. If you struggle with speaking up, practice with trusted friends or join a group like Toastmasters to hone this skill in a supportive environment. Another option is participating in a supportive online community with live participation, such as Club Moxie. Finding your voice is about more than just words—it’s about reclaiming your personal power and sovereignty.

Live With Passion
Moxie is about living life with zest, passion and joie de vivre instead of just going through the motions. Ask yourself what sets your soul on fire, then go do more of that—whether it’s a creative pursuit, entrepreneurial endeavor or any activity that brings you alive. Don’t let fears, doubts or other people’s judgments extinguish your spark. Passion is one of the most attractive and magnetic qualities a woman can possess.

Take Bold Risks
Comfort zones are where dreams go to die. If you want a life brimming with growth, excitement and fulfillment, you must get comfortable with calculated risk-taking. Start embracing a mindset of curiosity over fear, and be willing to put yourself out there, make bold moves and risk failing as you chase your biggest visions. We learn from our failures. The boldest dreams and greatest transformations often start with a single scary step into the unknown.

Find Your Tribe
While cultivating a moxie-filled life is an inner phenomenon, having a supportive community of like-minded women on a similar path is invaluable. There’s power and courage in numbers—it’s far easier to boldly pursue your visions when surrounded by others who understand your struggles and cheer you on every step of the way. Find your tribe, whether in online nurturing spaces like Club Moxie or in-person meetup groups in your area. These women will be your inspiration, motivators and soft place to land when you’re feeling discouraged or uncertain.

Dial Up Your Radiance
Moxie is an inside job, but it wants to get expressed! Celebrate and adorn your body instead of criticizing it. Wear colors, cuts, fabrics and styles that make you feel powerful and alive. Get a good haircut. Put on some lipstick. Wear the badass boots. When you look and feel like a radiant goddess, you can’t help but move through the world with more moxie.

Keep Growing
It’s never too late to step into a more moxie-filled way of living and being. Stay curious, keep evolving and embrace lifelong growth through learning, new experiences and constantly stepping outside your comfort zone. The more you expand your perspective, skill set and capacity to give and receive, the more you’ll blossom into a true woman of moxie. You claim ownership of your life one brave step at a time.

In today’s world, we need the medicine of feminine moxie now more than ever. When we as women reclaim our confidence, personal power and bold spirit in a healthy way, we become unstoppable creators of the lives we truly want to live. We give ourselves permission to shine, and in doing so, give others the gift of our radiant light.

Deb Beroset is the founder of It’s Time for Moxie, a movement inspiring women to reclaim their confidence, personal power and bold spirit. Through her online Club Moxie community, courses, retreats and speaking engagements, she guides women to fully embrace their authentic selves, live with passion and courageously create the lives they desire. Learn more and join Club Moxie at See ad, page 7.

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