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Natural Awakenings Tucson

June 2024 Letter From Publisher

May 31, 2024 09:00AM ● By Erica Mills

Holly Baker

To spotlight Men’s Health this month, our feature article, “Solving Mental Health Issues in Men” (page 22) shares some alarming statistics and trends in men’s mental health over the last few decades. Thankfully, in recent years it has become much more common to discuss mental health openly and honestly. There is always more we can do, so read on to learn more—and share this month’s magazine with the men in your life.

One way to take care of your mental health is by creating a personal sanctuary at home where you can go to pause, breathe, reflect and recharge. In “Crafting Sacred Space” on page 20, Deb Beroset gives some fun, inspiring tips for creating a space to reconnect with yourself and the sacred.

Our Fit Body article this month, “Building Quality Muscle” (page 26), gives a great overview of the ways that our diet and resistance training can create the best results at the gym. From protein consumption to recovery time, learn how to make sure you are making the most out of your fitness efforts—and how to keep that muscle mass throughout life.

Some other topics of interest in this edition include combating food waste, sustainable home design tips, the season of the Sacred Masculine and more.