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Elevate Your Swimming Experience with Healthy Living Vitality Pool Water

Experience the ultimate in pool water quality with the SPU-200 Structured Water Revitalizer and Copper Ionizing System. Enjoy cleaner, healthier water while reducing your chemical use and maintenance costs. Transform your pool into a natural oasis with this innovative technology.
Natural action technologies (NAT), when combined with ionizing pool units, provide an unparalleled solution for maintaining clean, healthy and balanced pool water. The SPU-200 features the following benefits:

 • Enhanced water quality: These units produce revitalized structured water through a natural process of passive ionization utilizing paramagnetic materials and organized turbulence, resulting in water that mimics the natural charge distribution of mountain spring water. The ionizers release copper ions that kill bacteria and algae, while the structured water enhances overall water quality.

• Reduced chemical dependency: The combination of structured water technology and ionization significantly reduces the need for traditional chemical sanitizers like chlorine and bromine. This leads to lower chemical costs and a more eco-friendly pool maintenance routine.

• Improved health and comfort: With fewer chemicals, pool water is less likely to cause skin irritations, rashes or respiratory issues. Structured water feels softer and more natural, enhancing the overall swimming experience and making it more enjoyable.

• Balanced water chemistry: NATs, such as mineral filtration or natural enzyme treatments, work alongside ionizers to maintain a balanced pH level and optimal alkalinity. The SPU-200 units reduce chemical harshness, further stabilizing water chemistry and preventing issues like scale buildup and corrosion of pool equipment, reducing the need for frequent manual adjustments and chemical testing.

• Enhanced longevity of pool equipment: Wear and tear on pool equipment and surfaces are reduced. This extends the lifespan of pumps, filters and other components, leading to lower maintenance and replacement costs over time.

• Environmental benefits: The combined technologies are more environmentally friendly, reducing the release of harmful chemicals into the environment. NAT systems often use sustainable and biodegradable components, further lessening the pool’s ecological footprint.

• Comprehensive purification: The synergy between ionizing units and NAT ensures comprehensive water purification. Copper ions handle microbial control, while structured water systems address organic matter, heavy metals and other contaminants.

• User-friendly operation: The SPU-200 units are easy to install and integrate, making it simple for pool owners to manage and maintain their pools without extensive technical knowledge. The units come standard with 2-inch NPTF adaptable to any fitting type, making them easy to integrate with existing pool systems.

For more information, contact Brian Johnson of Senergy360 at 951-634-3588 or See ads, pages 7 and 10.

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