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New Nulscent Market and Consulting Services Caters to Odor-Sensitive Individuals

Having many sensitivities to odors and chemicals makes it difficult to navigate different environments and be around other people. Experiencing migraine headaches and other ailments from exposure to chemicals and odors, Marianna Sarah  was determined to create a safe place for herself and others. Hence, Nulscent Market and Consulting Services was born.

Now open in Tucson, Nulscent Market is a place for individuals seeking a safe, comfortable environment free from aggravating scents and harmful chemicals. This new shop carries only unscented products such as personal care items and household cleaners. Furthermore, healthy pantry and snack items are available to ensure clients maintain their healthy lifestyle.
Knowing the importance of having fresh, clean air, Sarah goes beyond selling personal care products and household cleaners. She also offers house plants and charcoal air fresheners produced to purify the air in her clients’ homes and offices. This allows for an atmosphere that is more favorable to good health.

Nulscent Market also offers consulting services, showing individuals how to create scent-free and chemical-free surroundings. Through commitment and innovation, Sarah has not only improved her own quality of life, but also offers a precious resource for people facing similar challenges. Nulscent Market is proof to the strength of entrepreneurship and empathy in addressing the needs of those who have been disregarded.

For more information, email [email protected] or visit Location: 1735 E Fort Lowell Rd, Ste 7, Tucson. See ad, page 9.

Nulscent Market and Consulting Services - 1735 E Fort Lowell Rd Suite 7 Tucson AZ

Nulscent Market and Consulting Services - 1735 E Fort Lowell Rd, Suite 7, Tucson, AZ

Nulscent market features scent and fragrance-free products as well as clean food items and houseplants. Most products are small batch produced by small businesses to offer you a clean pro... Read More »