A Bridge to Wellness:

Yoga as a Healing Path

Despite the significant health benefits afforded by traditional western medicine, many, particularly those suffering from chronic health conditions, are frustrated with the limitations of western medicine. Yoga as a healing path goes beyond yoga poses as exercise. It is a multi-dimensional approach that, whether pursued independently or in conjunction with other methods, offers a bridge to wellness.

The emerging field of yoga therapy is a self-empowering and holistic healing path in which traditional yogic concepts and techniques can be used to treat a wide range of health challenges on physical, mental and emotional levels. This approach can be used either alone or integrated with Western medical and psychological knowledge.

As with other holistic methods, yoga therapy shares the perspective that human beings function as an integrated body-mind system that works best when it is in a state of balance. Yoga therapy focuses on the appropriate application of a wide range of yoga tools to help individuals experience states of increased balance, stability, ease, clarity and a deeper connection to oneself. These are foundational life skills for anyone seeking to evolve or change some aspect of their lives. For people facing health challenges, learning to self-manage one’s state is a powerful tool for supporting the body’s natural ability to heal.

The process is personalized and progressive. With the help of a yoga therapist, students learn a variety of tools to improve self-management of their symptoms. The tools can include various combinations of simple, gentle movements, conscious breathing, breath regulation, self-relaxation, visualization, sound, meditation and other healing techniques of yoga as appropriate to the individual. The individualized approach coupled with the variety of tools makes this path accessible to anybody at any age.

Whether embarking independently or in conjunction with other traditional or alternative methods, the Healing Yoga path becomes a foundational bridge to wellness.

Melaney Seacat, MA, registered yoga teacher and yoga therapist, teaches yoga therapy with The Discovery Project and WellnessFirst!

Upcoming Foundations of Healing Yoga classes include a free introductory seminar, from 6 to 7 p.m., September 6, and an introductory 4-week class series, Thursdays, beginning September 8. Connect at 520-205-1106, SaberLMP@aol.com or TransformationalConceptsPLLC.com. See ads, pages 3 and 6.

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