Cannabis Corner: Animal Cookies

The hybrid strain, Animal Cookies, is a clone-only product of its two parent strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG. Animal Cookies is a popular strain with patients looking for a heavy hitter for pain relief. Its effects are not suited for mild symptoms. A little bit goes a long way when administering this strain. It’s often used by people who suffer from ongoing insomnia.

Animal Cookies brings on a happy, relaxed state of euphoria and is uplifting for the mood. Medicinally, it is used for lessening high levels of stress and depression. Along with being a severe pain management and insomnia tool, it stimulates the appetite as well.

The side effects of Animal Cookies are dry mouth and eyes and mild levels of paranoia. It occasionally causes headaches and anxiety.

As with all alternative medicine products, it’s very important to research products before purchase and use.

Animal Cookies can be purchased at Earth’s Healing Dispensary, conveniently located at 2075 E. Benson Hwy. and 78 W. River Rd., in Tucson. Connect at See ad, page 29.

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