Explore Bio-Touch with New Book by Debra Schildhouse

Debra Schildhouse

Debra Schildhouse, certified Bio-Touch practitioner at Just Touch, in Tucson, recently wrote a book, Bio-Touch: Healing With the Power In Our Fingertips, which weaves her experiences as a practitioner together with the roots of Bio-Touch. Bio-Touch is a gentle, butterfly-like touch on precise points on the body which correspond with specific health conditions. The combination of correct points and light touch enhances the body’s natural healing ability.

“I wrote this book to further the vision of co-founder Paul Bucky—to bring awareness of Bio-Touch to people around the globe,” says Schildhouse. “Everyone can learn Bio-Touch and help others feel better.”

​Schildhouse found Bio-Touch when her daughter suffered agonizing headaches during a bout of viral meningitis. After her daughter recovered, Schildhouse remembered an article she read a year earlier, describing Bio-Touch and its healing center in Tucson, Arizona. Initially a skeptic, Schildhouse hoped Bio-Touch might be the answer she was searching for—a reliable touch healing method she could learn to help heal others’ pain. She enrolled in a two-day training course at the center, then enrolled in a second course and the internship program to become a certified practitioner and volunteer staff member.

For more information, call 520-323-7951 or visit JustTouch.com. See ad, page 34.

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