Dreamcatcher Dream Groups Forming in Tucson

Helen Landerman

Helen Landerman, Ph.D., of Dreamcatcher Dream Groups, is now holding Dream Groups at Caritas Healing Center, in Tucson. Attending Dream Groups can be an enjoyable yet profound method for understanding and unpacking dreams, which can be a source for self-knowledge and inner healing. The groups meet weekly for two hours each time and cost $120 for six weeks.

Members sit in a circle and briefly check-in on how they’re feeling and what’s happening for them right now. They read their dream titles and decide which dream or dreams to work today. They ask for clarifications and solicit definitions and associations with aspects of the dream, then begin to project their intuitions using phrases like, “If it were my dream…” or “In my imagined version of the dream…”

Dreams are multivalent and different layers of meaning begin to emerge. The dreamer may get the tingling feeling of an “Aha!” or register a different facial expression. One projection sparks a recognition in another person, who builds on the idea or diverges from it. One is usually blind to the meaning of one’s own dreams, but hearing others’ projections can stimulate ideas which reveal the deeper messages. Because dreams speak a universal symbolic language, being in another person’s dream is a profound experience of empathy and compassion.

Location: 330 E. 16th St., Tucson. For more information, email DreamcatcherGroups@gmail.com or visit Caritas Healing Center’s website at CaritasHealing.com.

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