J. Martin Harris Travel & Leisure Photography

Photographer Jim Martin Harris is scheduling one-on-one, or two-on-one photo-walks downtown, at the Sonoran Desert Museum, or just wandering around some of the trails here in the beautiful Sonoran desert. Two-hour photo walks are $299 for an individual, or $250 each if you bring a friend.

Attendees will learn how to take their camera off automatic mode and truly reveal their photographic potential. Harris will cover ISO, aperture, shutter speeds and how to combine them to bring out the photograph as seen in our mind’s eye. He can be scheduled for food and restaurants, business portraits, family, holiday photos or one-on-one sessions.

Harris is President and CEO of Equilution, a semiconductor and metrology test equipment company, founded by him in 2004. He was an applications engineer for 8 years with a local optical metrology company, born out of the U. of A. Optical Sciences department, before he made the leap to entrepreneurship. He is also a professional commercial photographer with more than 200 restaurants, resorts and golf courses to his photographic credit. He has also studied law and is a veteran of Desert Storm. He served as the Director of the Arizona Technology Council.

For more information, call 520-237-5512, email Jim@JMartinHarris.com or visit JMartinHarris.com. See ad, page 15.

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