The Best Season for Anti-Aging Procedures

Debbie Shaw

Debbie Shaw, licensed esthetician and owner of Alternatives in Health Care Detox Therapy Spa, says that autumn and winter are the best season to have anti-aging treatments done. Her reasoning is that many procedures that promote collagen growth are very sensitive to the sun and heat. Her holiday season special is 20 percent off of a first treatment when mentioning this ad (valid until January 1, 2019). Holiday gift certificates are available.

“Many skin care professionals warn their clients to use sunscreen and a floppy hat to keep the sun off of newly treated skin. For some reason, they don’t tell people to stay out of the heat also. Heat will cause skin to produce more melanocytes, causing hyper-pigmentation,” explains Shaw.

Shaw prefers to perform anti-aging treatments during this time of the year because it’s very difficult to remain out of the sun and heat when living in Southern Arizona. This is the time of year when we wear more clothes and the sun and heat isn’t so intense.

Shaw’s business is one of the few places in the U.S. that is certified and insured to provide Electrical Plasma Arc treatments, also known as fibroblast therapy. This technology has been successful in Europe and Asia for quite some time. It is a non-laser way to tighten skin and remove tattoos. This service, like most other collagen production treatments, warns people to be careful with sun and heat exposure, making this season the best time to check out this amazing new technology.

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