Assemblage Point Alignment

A Critical Element of Health

Health practitioners in many parts of the world, especially those practicing energy medicine, have long known about the role that the human energy body’s chakras, or energy wheels, play in supporting the body’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. It is widely believed that when one or more of the seven major chakras is out of balance, with the energy flowing too fast, too slow or blocked, then it makes one susceptible to disease or illness.

Although ancient sages, and more recently the shaman Don Juan of Carlos Casteneda fame, have known about the Assemblage Point (AP), it is only within the last 20 years, due to the research of Dr. Jon Whale of Great Britain, that more extensive knowledge has come to light about its importance in helping our chakras stay in balance, the diseases promoted by misalignment, how to test for AP alignment and most importantly, how to realign the AP back to its proper position in the central chest.

The AP is considered to be the vortex or epicenter of all human vibration, where the chakras intersect. Its intended and optimal position is located two to three fingers’ breadth below the angle of the sternum at the center of the chest, and may feel tender when deeply pressed. Proper AP position allows the chakras to stay balanced for optimal physical and mental health.

According to Whale and his extensive clinical research, the symptoms associated with AP misalignment are numerous and varied, although many manifest as psychiatric conditions with physical components. Examples include anger, anxiety, mania and neuroses—including some exhibiting excessive physical energy, while other neuroses, as well as dementia and depression, may be associated with marked fatigue and lack of physical energy, depending on the extent of drift and angle of the AP from the center.

No one is claiming that AP realignment will cure everything that ails us, but the least it does is to reset our “body electric” back to its “default settings”.  After AP realignment, many clients say they felt “a shift”, more focused, peace, calm, a sense of bliss and that they “got their sh*t together”.

If interested in seeing whether your Assemblage Point and Chakras need attention, contact Dr. Suzanne Pear, RN, PhD, LE, a certified quantum energy healer, at 520-400-8109. Her office is located at 5160 E. Glenn St., Ste. 150, Tucson. See ad, page 14.

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