Denisse Cabrera is Now ‘Rise Above It Coach’

Denisse Cabrera

Denisse Cabrera has been a Certified Life Coach for four years, and along with her RN, CDE and Functional Medicine training, it is her life coaching skills that yield the most success for clients. Her client base is varied, but the majority do not have health-based concerns as their priority. As such, she has transitioned her business from Natural Diabetes Nurse to Rise Above It Coach to better reflect how she works with clients.

“The New Year is abundant with New Year’s resolutions, but when it comes to making changes in our life, whether career, relationships or health, often the obstacle is not lack of knowledge, but lack of desire/motivation or fear of change,” says Cabrera. “Life coaching is the most powerful way to make sustainable lifestyle changes.”

Cabrera is particularly interested in helping women between the ages of 30 and 50 who feel “stuck and overwhelmed by too many distractions/responsibilities and want a simpler, magic-filled lifestyle that reflects what they value most,” she explains. “I do this not because I am an expert in their lives, but because I am an expert in helping them fulfill on their own best advice. Following through with what we actually want to accomplish is streamlined, effective and fun with the right coach.”

Location: 3210 E. Fort Lowell Rd., #103, Tucson. For more information, call 520-979-4600, email or visit See ad, page 22.

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