Journey to Healing Offers Intuition and Healing Arts

Founded in Tucson by Linda Johns in 1996, Journey to Healing offers classes in developing intuition, healing arts and animal communication, as well as healing retreats with the whales and dolphins in Baja, Mexico and Panama this year. An internationally renowned animal communicator and medical intuitive, Johns uses her telepathic and intuitive skills to bridge mind to mind with the animal regardless of distance, to bring clarity into all levels of concerns. She reads for the individual pet owner, veterinarians and has many Olympic and Grand Prix clients.

Her original passion guided her into nutrition and the healing arts like breath work, Barbara Brennon’s Universal Hands of Light, reiki and shamanic practices. Johns’s spirit apparently had a larger soul mission and that was to be a bridge for people and animals. Journey to Healing blossomed once she understood that when she worked with the animal, she was working with the person, and there is no separation.

Johns continues to blend her intuitive abilities, compassion and many healing modalities, depending on the client’s intention and goal, to create a unique and individualized session. She discovered that many clients’ concerns are resolved in one session. She is well versed in a variety of techniques and often blends even more modalities, including Intuitive Emotional Freedom Technique (freeing emotions that are held in the cellular memory) and PSYCH-K, which is a way to rewrite subconscious limiting programs. Other techniques are Quantum Coaching and Arcturian healing, which bridges science and spirit.

For more information, call 520-825-4645 or visit

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