Reiki for the Soul with Julie Ann Ferreira

Julie Ann Ferreira

Julie Ann Ferreira has shared her loving and grounding presence for years as a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher, and she is a certified Reiki Master practicing in the traditional Usui lineage at Sol Touch, in Tucson. In these challenging times, she is particularly interested in empowering others to step into their highest expression of self. Her work is based on the premise that much mental and emotional strife, even if intellectually reconciled, can still reside in the body. With the body’s innate capacity for healing as a starting point, her gentle and straight-forward reiki, practiced with a loving and gentle touch, allows clients to relax, release and renew.

Ferreira offers private sessions in the home or at her downtown studio. She also heals in group settings and offers regular Reiki 1 Self-Healing workshops for those ready to embark on a journey toward unconditional love.

She is a lover of the sun (“sol”, in her native Portuguese), and the human soul (which she hopes to touch with her work). Sol Touch is her way of giving to others what has been so nourishing and transformative for her.

For more information, call 732-875-8559 or visit or

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