Rise Above It with Denisse Cabrera Coaching

Denisse Cabrera

Denisse Cabrera, RN, CILC, the Rise Above It Coach, helps her clients get to the core of what may be stalling them from experiencing what they want so that they can achieve it effortlessly. She coaches clients to improve relationships, launch new careers, lose weight, improve anxiety/depression, make more money and more, all by changing the way they use their thoughts/brain.

“We do not use the full range of built-in power available to us,” Cabrera says. “Therefore we operate from limited thinking and create limited results.” Cabrera helps her clients break through those limited results in fun, evidence-based, sustainable practices and see themselves in their full power.

She is trained and certified through the Functional Medicine Academy, the Institute for Integrative Coach Training and the Life Coach School Scholars program. “I was called to coaching at the age of 16, and for the past 24 years, whether through nursing or private practice, I have been coaching people toward their full power ever since. Re-orienting our brains toward more ease, simplicity and fulfillment has been the most rewarding work I offer.”

For more information, call 520-979-4600, email RiseAboveItCoach@gmail.com or visit RiseAboveItCoach.com. See ad, page 11.

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