Robyn Landis

Robyn Landis

Robyn Landis

Certified Fitness Professional and Author



Robyn Landis is an ACE-certified fitness professional, mind-body transformational coach, certified reiki practitioner and bestselling author. She helps people get the body and energy that’s fit for their dreams—without hype, regimens, extremes or concern for “weight”.  Landis offers private coaching and training, plus online small-group programs that empower people to become deeply happy while getting exceptionally healthy.

Her Nine-Week Nourish U online group training gives participants a strong, livable foundation for a truly healthy life, “installing” essential eat-move-sleep-destress pillars and tapping the secrets to easy, joyful motivation. Her personalized Triple Your Energy coaching programs help people go from run-down to renewed—healing energy leaks naturally from the inside out. 

“Customizing a routine for your unique body type and goals sets you up for extraordinary energy every day—plus gets you strong and lean, for good,” explains Landis. “Powerful, proven tools help you internalize your healthy new habits, so that it’s not a temporary fix, but a joyful new high-energy life.”

Landis offers complimentary consultations to share her “Fuel Your Body, Power Your Life” approach and pinpoint what is sabotaging one’s efforts.

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