Get Hip to Hemp

Hemp, and CBD products derived from hemp, have been sweeping the nation by storm. While there are many benefits from this amazing plant—food, fuel, medicine, textiles and more—it is important to know the source and quality of the hemp.

Like all other agricultural products, hemp can be mass produced, and this can cause issues in the industry. Lack of quality control, oversaturation of sub-par material, inflated prices, greed and corruption and public misinformation, are just some of the issues prevalent, leading some to discouragement due to unsatisfying experiences.

Hemp is a unique plant that grows easily, vigorously and in a lot of diverse climates. It can grow large or small, and pull heavy metals from soil or air, which makes it ideal for phytoremediation. Because of the ability to pull toxins without being affected by them, it is crucial to know where hemp comes from. Pesticides, synthetic nutrients, regions with air pollution, soil pollution or water pollution will produce contaminated crops, unless measures are implemented to counter the impact the area adds. Organic soil, greenhouses and rainwater harvesting are some examples of procedures that can increase the quality of a crop, while making it sustainable and consistent for future harvests.

If plans for hemp utilization are through means of consumption, then knowing the source is key, so check any testing/lab results possible. Extracts made from contaminated material will still have contaminants, where it be in parts per million (PPM) or parts per billion (PPB); there will still be something that the body will ingest. While some may not be affected by these residual substances, others may—and they could have very bad reactions, especially if working with an already compromised immune system.

Although these are some of the issues to look out for, there are still plenty of people and companies that want to make and grow, great quality hemp products/flower. Thankfully, these companies will be transparent about all procedures, materials and results to solidify their claims. It is up to us, as consumers, to keep this industry honest and demand the best quality and price for something that was put on this Earth to help us in so many ways.

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