New Total Computer Health Service from GE Computing

For several years, GE Computing and Internet Services has provided its Cleanup-Speedup-Update service, which involves owner Don Gibbens working with clients when they have problems with their computer systems. After watching clients try to navigate through the thickets of problems in their systems, Gibbens has decided that most people need to have help available not just as needed, but continuously.

“Why continuously? Because one needs to have the peace of mind knowing that everything that can be done to keep their computer systems healthy is being done,” explains Gibbens. “For those who subscribe to Total Computer Health, we will provide to you the benefit of knowing that your systems are being taken care of. There will be reports on the computer’s health and we will have the ability to monitor so that, should you be attacked, we will be able to meet it head-on. Often, that will be before you even know there is a problem. The Total Computer Health Service will also make entire image backups on a periodic basis so that, if a hard drive crashes, the system and data can be recovered.”

The Total Computer Health package will include: managed antivirus, patch management, web protection, remote monitoring, backup and recovery, image backup, mobile device management, remote access, cross platform support, risk intelligence and support consultations. The package costs $100 for the initial setup in the first month, then $35 each month after that. Another optional Email Security package includes email security, continuity and archiving of private domain emails.

For more information, call 520-332-1485, email or visit See ad, page 9.

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