Sweat Lodge Offers Phyiscal and Spiritual Cleansing

Noted author Joseph Campbell has said that the easiest way to experience Spirit is, “Participate in an ancient ceremony.” Reverend Ann Marie Clock, of Spirit Gathering Tucson Community Sweat Lodge, in Tucson, hosts a monthly adobe sweat lodge in the Sonoran Desert, open to men and women, with private lodges available.

Inside the lodge, the heat dilates capillaries, increasing blood flow to the skin and aiding in detoxification of the body. Sweating flushes out toxic metals such as copper, lead and mercury and removes excess salt. Many participants experience relief from physical pain and mental stress. All have the opportunity to connect with their guides, ancestors and expanded selves.

Clock, who has hosted lodges for 25 years, says, “You can feel that connection in the sweat lodge. The lodge clears the mind, detoxifies the body and heals the spirit. It is a place for your spirit to die and be reborn. The sacred sweat lodge is a powerful tool for transformation and shifting energy.”

The private group fee is $20 per person, 10 participants minimum. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Location: 7878 W. Tree Frog Trail, Tucson. For more information call 520-576-0633, email SpiritGathering@comcast.net or visit SpiritGathering.com.

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