Cleansing Our Technology with GE Computing

We’ve all heard, “You are what you eat”.  We need to give the body the nutrients that it needs to be healthy. The same thing holds true in relation to how we use our technology—specifically our computers and smart phones. 

Our computers and other computer-like devices need to be “fed” the right stuff. Computers need updates, to keep them current and acting up to snuff. They need a “cleansing” every now and then to keep them operating with the most efficiency. They need a “diet revision” now and then because, no matter how well we try to keep ourselves from junk food, we usually end up someplace where the food isn’t always so good for us. And sometimes, computers need to go to the doctor to make sure they haven’t succumbed to any bad bugs or viruses.

One of GE Computing’s taglines is, “Computer sick? Call the doctor.” Don Gibbens, owner of GE Computing, finds joy in helping clients get their computers and devices healthy again. Much like some doctors, he also makes house calls.

For more information, call 520-784-1243 (cell) or email See ad, page 21. 

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