March 2018 Letter From Publisher

Holly Baker, Publisher

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Let’s talk about food. We all need it to survive, sure, but we need to eat the right things to thrive. It can be hard to navigate, but the world of healthy cuisine is fun and delicious with a few simple tips from the Natural Awakenings community.

Judith Fertig has searched the world over for the healthiest cuisines and what they can teach us about good eating. Check out the ingredients, practices and great dishes from five countries who know how to eat for health and flavor, on page 26. The included recipes of ethnic dishes are a must-try to shake things up this month!

Every part of a meal counts toward our good health, from the main ingredients to the spices. On page 38, learn about some seasonings that have a particularly good impact on our diets, like garlic, turmeric and paprika.

And what about our pets? They want to eat healthy, too. On page 40, learn how to incorporate nutritious sprouts into the diets of cats, dogs, birds and horses.

This month, I’m excited to support you and your family—from children to pets—on the continuous journey of healthful eating. Hope to see you at the farmers’ markets!

To healthy, happy eating,


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