Mercedez Lucke-Benedict Opens Private Practice at The Belly Studio

Mercedez Lucke-Benedict

Pain relief specialist Mercedez Lucke-Benedict is announcing her new personal practice, Fridays only at The Belly Studio. Lucke-Benedict offers a full range of therapeutic and healing services at the renowned Medicine Wheel Dental, where she uses holistic, non-invasive, transformative approaches to patient care. She specializes in helping with TMJ-related pain, migraines, injuries, traumas, nerve pain, back, neck, foot and hand pain,
as well as numerous other conditions.

At the new practice, Lucke-Benedict will be utilizing her special gift of medical body intuition release work. She is considered by her peers to be one of the cutting-edge energy healers, combining Ho’oponopono, chakra clearing, healing crystals and unique holographic release techniques she personally developed. These techniques release the roots of emotional/physical trauma. Intuitively, she is able to trace and see exactly where the energetic pain patterns/blockages are and release them.

According to one of her clients, “I have not only been relieved of symptoms of tinnitus, my hearing has been restored and l am completely pain-free.” Another says, “You no longer have to live with pain in your body or be worried about how it is limiting your true potential. Mercedez is a miracle worker, a true healer and a desert gem.”

Location: The Belly Studio, 3838 E. Ft. Lowell Rd., Tucson. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 520-221-6276 or email

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