Calling All Spirited Women and Everyday Mystics

Linda Joy Stone

You know who you are. You are dedicated to beauty and fiercely protective of Earth’s flora and fauna. You are highly sensitive and alarmed by misuse of power. You appreciate paradox and irony. You are drawn to the eternal mysteries of the world. You have a big heart to match your creative and imaginative spirit. You laugh and cry easily. You find yourself questioning your role in this amazing and complex drama called life. As you age, you become more aware of the joys of crazy wisdom. You want to play and be in community. You want to express your unbridled energy, yet may still feel the need to subdue and “play it safe”.

What if these “Orwellian” times are a catalyst and a wake-up call to the seeker, artist and everyday mystic within? Maybe this is what evolution and culture change look like—and it feels destabilizing. We haven’t been here before. Can you feel that call to be bold, to express your voice and step into radical trust? It’s time. Feminine wisdom is needed now more than ever to partner with the awakened, protective masculine.

Contacting the Akashic Records, that unifying field of consciousness, can offer guidance and clarity on this courageous journey. An Akashic reading is like conscious channeling, opening doors and windows that may have been blocked by mental conditioning. Perhaps it has not felt safe to arise—until now. An Akashic reading can help redefine and reorient your life and purpose. You already know so much more than you think you do. Perhaps you have forgotten, or feel you need permission to step into the next greater field of loving expression. It’s time to remember and accept your own authority.

Linda Joy Stone, OMD, L.Ac., offers one-hour Akashic readings or a two-hour session that includes an Akashic reading with acupuncture. She combines her 20-year experience of reading the Akashic Records with her nearly three decades practicing Chinese Medicine. Connect at

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