Get Windows Ready for Summer

Not many people give much thought as to whether or not their windows are ready for the summer. Here are some tips for the homeowner to get windows prepared for the warmer months.

First and foremost, regularly scheduled window cleaning is necessary for windows to remain in their best condition. Having them cleaned prior to summer helps remove pollutants from the exterior glass that have accrued over the winter months. This helps avoid hard water issues over the summer when the sun is notorious for baking mineral deposits onto the glass and creating ugly white hard water issues.

Have certain windows in the home that receive intense direct sunlight for long periods of time? These windows are generally known for having the seals go bad because of the heat’s effect on them. The most basic solution is to cover the window with a sunscreen. These are custom made for each specific window and can reduce the effects the sun has on the interior of the home due to their ability to restrict up to 90 percent sunlight. More expensive but highly effective options are available when considering electronic rolling shutters, which are mounted on the exterior of the home.

Those who want help getting windows ready for summer in Tucson can contact Jack Baker of Marine Clean Windows.

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