May 2018 Letter From Publisher

Holly Baker, publisher

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Spring is in full swing, and it’s a time for new beginnings, gratitude, rejuvenation and honoring our mothers. In that vein, each year, we devote the May issue to women. In these pages, we’re talking about women’s health and wellness topics that are of interest and hopefully some help to ladies of all ages. 

In our Women’s Wellness Guide, pages 18 to 36, we touch on topics from hormonal health to aging beautifully.

Experiencing PMS symptoms or going through menopause? Local experts weigh in with specific supplements and exercises that can help—including Hormone Yoga and acupuncture. Not loving the subtle, natural changes you’re seeing in the mirror? Try exfoliating (it may be men’s secret to aging well) or facial rejuvenation with a local aesthetician—or try the microbladed brow trend that makes it easy to wake up feeling put-together.

We’re living in an exciting time for women. From marches for women’s rights to the #MeToo movement, it’s electrifying to see so much solidarity and care for our fellow woman. Every little bit matters—whether working to change laws or giving a stranger a compliment or encouragement—it can all make a world of difference.

Share your light and positivity with the other girls of the world, and please share this powerful issue with your friends, sisters, daughters and mothers.


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