Pain Release Specialist Mercedez Lucke-Benedict

Mercedez Lucke-Benedict

Mercedez Lucke-Benedict, LMT is a pain release specialist who successfully treats tinnitus (ringing in the ears), trigeminal nerve pain, optical strain and TMJ. She is the only craniosacral therapist practicing at Medicine Wheel Dental & Wellness, Monday through Thursday, and is accepting patients at her home practice, Oasis Wellness, in Marana, on Friday and Saturday.

Dr. Steve Swidler, of Medicine Wheel Dental & Wellness, began treating, then mentoring Lucke-Benedict after a series of near-fatal car crashes. “Swidler basically saved me from a life of endless pain. I followed in his footsteps, vowing to learn all I could from him, and I am so grateful,” she says.

Lucke-Benedict uses a unique combination of medical body intuitive, craniosacral and myofascial release, and is a successful energy healer using crystal/stone therapies combined with chakra cleansing. She is able to unwind trauma from the body in an easy and pain-free way, and is successful in unwinding strain patterns that affect migraines, TMJ, trigeminal nerve pain, tinnitus, hand and foot pain, sports injuries and back and neck pain.

For more information, call 520-221-6276 or email

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