Unleashing Your True Self with Tammi Morrison

Tammi Morrison

Tammi Morrison, intuitive healer of Unleashing Your True Self, is a wife, mother and grandmother. She is a Reiki Master and certified Theta healer. She is known as the Intuitive Empowerment Diva. She specializes in helping people to get clarity and “see the glass”. Morrison helps clients connect to their angels, either through distance via the internet or with in-person sessions, and will offer 10 percent off for Natural Awakenings readers.

“So many times, people will tell you to see the glass half empty or half full. However, you are so amid struggle that you can’t even see the glass,” says Morrison. “I’ll help you find out where you are spiritually through intuitive guidance and promoting healing on a spiritual level, by helping you to learn to trust your intuition and do what works for you.”

In a typical session, she will do an Angel Oracle intuitive guidance reading, and Morrison will guide a meditation to further process the healing that required and create personal affirmations based on the information obtained from one’s angels during the reading.

For more information, call 803-397-2553, email Tammi.UnleashingYourTrueSelf@outlook.com or visit TammiUnleashingYou.wixsite.com/website.

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