New Radio Commercial for Mercedez Lucke-Benedict

Mercedez Lucke-Benedict

Mercedez Lucke-Benedict, a craniosacral expert and pain release specialist, is proud to announce a new radio commercial for her therapeutic work on KWQR 92.5 FM Radio—a nonprofit, remote, rural radio station that streams across the globe and champions women in music and business. Lucke-Benedict uses holistic transformative approaches to patient care at the renowned Medicine Wheel Dental, and at her private practice, Fridays only at The Belly Studio, she uses her medical intuition and bodywork.

Lucke-Benedict has signed on as promoter for KWQR 92.5 FM Radio to encourage sponsorship and create their radio spots. With a background in radio, music and performance, Lucke-Benedict believes this radio station helps people, brings hope, inspires dreams, helps our communities and creates joy. Her goal is to get the station streaming globally.

The new commercial was produced by Mark Lucke, owner/creator of the station. He inspired the globally acclaimed short documentary film, Lonesome Willcox, about his life in Willcox, Arizona. This month, a global news interview with The Guardian will premier, in which he talks about his life at the station.

For more information, call 520-221-6276 or visit and click “listen live”.

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