Help Pass the Patriot Clinic Initiative

Laws have been passed in Oklahoma (June 2014) and Texas (May 2017) to establish Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) as standard of care treatment for military veterans with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) spectrum conditions.

A nationwide grassroots movement is in effect to establish Patriot Clinics to provide this care, which focuses on non-medication based healing (nutrient optimization, acupuncture, neurobiofeedback and more). There is an effort in Arizona to present a bill in January 2018 to senators and representatives during their active legislative session.

Several parallel efforts, many through Healing Arizona Veterans, are also highlighted below.

Education. An updated newsletter is in process to help educate regarding diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Carol Henricks, Medical Director for Healing Arizona Veterans, is available to do presentations.

Fundraising. Healing Arizona Veterans have a fundraising initiative to treat a group of 100 veterans, record their results and provide the information to the state of Arizona.

Establishing Patriot Clinics. Using HBOT for TBI-PTSD is a new approach in the U.S. When a law is passed, it is important to have treatment facilities available for the veterans who need treated. Currently, there are two, six-person chambers available in Arizona to treat veterans. A comprehensive clinic needs HBOT and the ability to provide all therapies.

Legal Struggles. It’s important to have people working with the legal system and helping “bad-paper veterans”—those veterans with TBI-PTSD who have been in legal trouble.

Homeless Veterans. Working with homeless veterans and Veterans on Patrol initiative. TBI-PTSD leads to homelessness.

Suicide Help. Bringing suicidal veterans into the Patriot Clinics for urgent care.

Many efforts have been ongoing since 2004. Those interested in working toward this cause are urged to contact your legislators to support the passage of the Patriot Clinic bill, and visit ands

Connect with Dr. Carol L. Henricks at 520-229-1238, or For more information, visit and See ad, page 13.

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