Light Touch Family Chiropractic Opens in Tucson

Carmen Mazza

Dr. Carmen Mazza, Network Chiropractor, recently opened her practice, Light Touch Family Chiropractic, in Tucson. She previously resided on the east coast, where she took care of generations of families. She utilizes Network Spinal Analysis, a gentle chiropractic healing technique, and has been working with babies, children and adults for over 20 years.

“Network Spinal Analysis is profoundly powerful. As patients begin to receive care, they start to notice a change in themselves with regard to how they react to, process or recover from stressful situations,” describes Mazza. “In most cases, patients say they have greater ease and calm. They observe quicker recovery from physical stresses that were hard to recover from in the past. It is especially helpful for the release of trauma patterns that may be locked into the body-mind.”

A very gentle technique, it consists of a series of light contacts with the thumb in order to unravel tension that’s been stored in the spine and muscles. As tension patterns begin to unravel, patients may experience a number of different things, including: increased range of motion; deeper respiration and awareness of breath; ease of physical or emotional symptoms; greater flexibility; inner peace; improved quality of sleep; a greater awareness of one’s body, mind or spirit; softer, healthier muscle tone; a desire to eat differently or to begin an exercise program.

Location: 4620 N. Bornite Way, Tucson. For more information, call 520-834-1722, email or visit

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