Models of Masculine Fullness

Aman in his fullness is expressing beneficial energy as a stabilizer, an activator, a clarifier and a unifier. As a man moves through his path of life, his experiences, endeavors and happenstance are the landscape where he fulfills his male destiny. In his fullness he is just, disciplined, focused and harmonious. Every man has the powers of the King, Warrior, Magician and Lover in their DNA. Adventuring through life, he calls up out of his Jungian “unconscious” one or a combination of archetypical ways to act in every situation. Realistic male greatness in adult life comes when the proper relationship to the King, Warrior, Lover and Magician archetypes are at his call.

The King

In his fullness, the King serves other human beings as a vehicle bringing stability and generative order into the world. History notes numerous Sacred Kings ruling over people, creating law and establishing vested systems that continue to exist to this day, thousands of years later. A man choosing to be beneficial, to use his gifts for good, exemplifies the King.

To move through the world as a King in his fullness, first bring orderliness to life before commanding others. The body and the mind is the first kingdom. Choose a principled way encompassing both physical and mental disciplines. Next is to inspire others to act, bless with support and encouragement while maintaining personal orderliness. Becoming a good King includes being a good Warrior, Magician and Lover.

The Warrior

The Warrior in his fullness is chivalrous, the code of conduct exemplified in medieval times when an armored man on a horse was unstoppable. Warrior energy is universally present in men and in the civilizations men create, defend and expand. Courage and stamina are their stalwarts. Warrior traditions are found in every culture. Zoroastrian, Hebrew, Greek, Persian, Roman and Japanese warriors conquered and, as Warrior-Kings, stabilized peoples, built principled civilizations, ethical systems and established personal morality.

To be a Warrior in his fullness, acknowledge strength and instinct. Men are naturally strong and aggressive. Human beings are governed by the same instincts that govern the feelings and behaviors of animals. To hone the Warrior amounts to a total way of life mastering strength, instinct and chivalry. Clarity of thinking, skill, power and accuracy, both inner and outer psychological and physical control, are the Warrior’s Dharma.

The Warrior-Magician enables a man to achieve mastery and control over himself and his weapons, allowing him to channel and direct power to accomplish goals. The Warrior-Lover energy enables a sense of connectedness with all things. The Lover is the masculine energy that brings the Warrior back into relatedness with human beings, in all their frailty and vulnerability. Experience and perspective shows the Warrior when to step back, to accept the outcome, to lay down his weapon.

The Magician

The Magician energy, ever-present through the ages, is alive and afoot in the inventor, artist, scientist and technician of our modern civilization. We are in the age of the technical Magician. All knowledge that takes special training to acquire is the province of the Magician energy. Technical and scientific schools, trade unions and professional associations manage the imparting of codified knowledge and certification processes—the phases of developing a Magician’s secret knowledge and ritual initiation into an order.

The Magician in his fullness is highly aware and insightful, he sees what is and perceives what is coming. Always observing, integrating, the Magician alone does not have the capacity to act because his power is to clarify the means and matters of a situation, identifying and intuiting an outcome. The combination of Warrior-Magician is required to manifest actions.

The Lover

The Lover’s masculine energy channels the divine life force into the profane world of matter and of human life. The result of this union of the human and the divine, of the world and God is always creative and energizing. From the union, new life and new forms, new combinations of opportunities and possibilities are born.

There are many living expressions of the Lover. Ancient Greeks spoke of agape, what the bible calls brotherly love. Eros is both the narrow sense of sexual love and the wider sense as uniting and bonding of all things, what the Bahia call “inherent vitality”, and the Romans, amor—the complete union of one body and soul with another body and soul. These forms and their variations are the living expression of the Lover energy in human life.

To be in the fullness of the Lover is to embrace oneself without shame, to feel empathy and compassion. Lovers are playful, having an aesthetic consciousness where all life is art and evokes subtly nuanced feelings. The Lover-Magician is an artist composing or rendering sensual beauty into new forms with Lover-Warrior energy.

Masculinity channeled through King Warrior Magician Lover fullness creates, protects, adds to and nurtures the world. Being powerful is the male prerogative. Though the ancient rites of passage from boy to man have been usurped in the modern age, it continues to be possible for a man to pass through the gauntlet and rise up fully developed. The journey is arduous, fraught with dangers and pitfalls. Start now, and someday he will realize his fullness.

Images courtesy Alexandra Genetti The Wheel of Change Tarot deck.

Dale Bruder is a freelance writer interested in creative people, social and cultural movements and applications of ancient esoteric knowledge. He continually embraces the King Warrior Magician Lover archetypes on his life path. Connect at 520-331-1956 or

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