Be Green and Save Some Green

Natural gas customers are enjoying the most competitive and stable natural gas prices in nearly a decade, making gas the best energy value. Utilities throughout the country are demonstrating their commitment to promoting smart energy choices through conservation and energy efficiency programs, including extensive rebates on high-efficiency natural gas appliances and other equipment.

Conserve energy and save money while protecting our planet’s valuable resources by replacing old, inefficient appliances in the home with energyefficient models and lower energy use by up to 30 percent. Save even more by taking advantage of Southwest Gas rebates for installing qualified energy-efficient equipment in the home, such as natural gas clothes dryers, tankless water heaters and smart low-flow showerheads, as well as qualified weatherization improvements. Southwest Gas also encourages customers to visit their website for tips and resources that can help them use energy wisely.

To learn more about Southwest Gas Smarter Greener Better energy-efficient solutions and rebate programs, call 1-800-654-2765 or visit

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