End of Life Mentoring Services

Danielle Dvorak

Danielle Dvorak, a certified End of Life Mentor, experienced healthcare advocate and former hospice worker, offers guidance for those facing the prospect of death. She is truly inspired and wishes to help people find their way through this challenging time, whether they are facing their own death, a caregiver, or the family of a loved one who is getting ready to pass on. She completed a recent training in accompanying the dying, resulting in a certificate that qualifies her as an End of Life Mentor.

“There is often a lot of fear and a state of emotional overwhelm that occurs when we are faced with death and dying—whether it’s our own or someone we love,” says Dvorak. “Wouldn’t it be great to know someone you can call with questions, for support? Someone who has ‘got your back’ during this challenging time?”

Dvorak first felt the call to work with those at the end of their lives over 20 years ago, when she shepherded her grandmother through a very difficult last year of life. After that, she spent many years working through a hospice, supporting those who were dying and their families. With her support and guidance, it is possible to experience peace, beauty and a sense of closure.

For more information, call 847-323-9188, email Danielle@EndofLifeMentor.com or visit EndofLifeMentor.com. See ad, page 17.

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